Thinking outside the box….

Thinking outside the box….

Comfort zone. So comfort living in. So not easy to get out of. Most of the times, too easy to stay in. BUT… much much easier to EXPAND. and this is when things begin to change. for the better. Food for thought.

Emotional Intelligence matters – PART TWO

If we start with recognizing our own emotions and the emotions of others, if we engage with people in a way that draws them to us – we WILL begin to see the change; better to other people, healthier relationships and greater success at work – which will lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. … Continue reading

Simply GENIUS!

Simply GENIUS!

Simply GENIUS! 1. Follow Your Curiosity 2. Perseverance is Priceless 3. Focus on the Present 4. The Imagination is Powerful 5. Make Mistakes 6. Live in the Moment 7. Create Value 8. Don’t Expect Different Results 9. Knowledge Comes From Experience 10. Learn the Rules and Then Play Better   Did I mention those are … Continue reading

☆ What I know ☆

Health and nutrition conscious woman who believes in personal ability and (!) responsibility to take care of our body and heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I strive to live this way each and every day of my life. I believe in the goodness in people and know for sure that love always wins. … Continue reading

Things don’t JUST HAPPEN…

Just a thought…. Skill and confidence are an unconquered army (George Herbert). Some think that there are few very lucky people who are born with those two.Wiser understand that both are achieved ONLY by having a BIG vision, lot’s of practice, persistency and consistency. Talent is often confused with skill. You may have a talent … Continue reading

Things happen for a reason….

When you launch a new business venture you never know where it will take you. The only thing you have is a vision of the possibilities where it can be. 18 months ago when I was first told I can get paid by wearing designer brands and help others to do the same, I thought … Continue reading

Peace שלום سلام

Peace שלום سلام

It feels like on the brink of despair, what is this lost battle? I am 43 years old – not a young girl. Since I can remember throughout my entire life I was brought up on the concept peace: Israel pro-peace. Israel that faced so many wars only want peace: Peace with its neighbors. Peace … Continue reading

Just for the record… ANYTHING is possible!

On April 21st 2003 I came back to Israel after spending 3 weeks holiday in Australia. I resigned from work on May 8 and on July 8 was heading the airport to catch my flight to Australia and start a new chapter in life… ANYTHING is possible!

תחשבו בחיוך

פוסט  שכתבתי בהשראת מאיה כשהייתה בת 4. אומנם עברו 3 שנים, אבל מצאתי שקיבלתי ממנה חתיכת טיפ לחיים! לפני כמה שבועות הכנתי ארוחת ערב ומאיה ישבה לשחק במשחק זכרון לידי במטבח. היה איזה רגע בו הייתי קצת שקועה במחשבות כשלפתע הגברת בת הארבע שואלת אותי “אמא.. למה את ככה מקמטת את המצח וכל כך רצינית… את כועסת … Continue reading